Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 Interesting Facts About Coffee

I would like to share with you 10 facts about coffee that i find most interesting! I really love coffee, and for some reasons i've always thought it's not good for me, but actually it is! Read this post to know why;)

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  1. One cup of black coffee with no sugar contains 0 calories.
  2. So-called instantaneous invigorating effect of coffee is a fiction. Caffeine starts influence on your brain only in 30 minutes. Invigorating effects lasts for about 2-6 hours
  3. The biggest amount of coffee is drunk in Finnland. On avarage, one adult drinks 5 cups of coffee a day.
  4. Coffee takes the second position on the list of the most sold products. 
  5. Coffee reduces appetite and boosts metabolism. It is pretty much perfect for those who want to loose their weight. Coffee can increase your metabolism on 3-11%. Excess fat burns faster on 20%.
  6. Safe amount of caffeine is about 400 mg a day.
  7. One cup of coffee contains 300 antioxidants, which will stay in your body for about a month.
  8. Perfect for a hangover. If you've been drinking too much last night, and now you've got an awful headache because of it, then coffee can help you solve this problem. One cup is enough;) 
  9. Improves your training efficiency. I personally drink a cup of coffee almost every time 30 minutes before working out and it does help.
  10. Coffee 'doesn't work' until 9 a.m. . I heard a doctor talking about it on TV a while ago. Our body produces hormone called cortisol. The hormone is in charge of feeling focused and awaken. Don't drink coffee when you have enough of cortisol in your body to be energized. Otherwise it is just a waste of the product.

This were all the facts about coffee i wanted to share with you. Thank you for reading this. And i really apologize for all the punctuation and grammar mistakes i might have made. This article was a bit difficult for me to write since English is not my native language and there's a lot of words we don't use in every day conversations. Hope you liked the post, it means a lot to me. Love you, guys!

P.S. If you enjoyed reading this, then let me know in the comments or by liking the post. I'm thinking of writing simliar article about tea, but, of course, only if you are interested in that.

XOXO, Dasha 

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