Thursday, March 5, 2015

If You Had A Bad Day/20 Ways To Deal With Bad Mood

First thing i feel needs to be said is that IT IS OKAY to have a bad day. There's nothing wrong with you, with what you do or how you do it. Bad days just happen, there's nothing you can do with that, but trying to make your day better. Here are some pieces of my advice on how to save your bad day:
  1. A man needs a man. Just call your best friend, mother or boyfriend and talk to them. Tell about your problems, they might advice you what to do, even if they just hear you out, that would make you feel better, for sure. You can also write your troubles down in your diary if you have one. But talking to a real person would help a bit better.
  2. Watch your old photo albums. Childhood memories are the best, it always brings out happy moments of out lives. Just take a moment and dive in your past to forget the problems until you feel better. Listen to some of your favorite songs, while doing this. We all know that music is the best cure. Listen to songs that make you happy. 
  3. Give yourself some rest, take a bubble bath or something that would help you relax. Have a papmer night! I have a post on how i like pamper myself. My papmer night essentials and favorite things to do
  4. Read a book. On bad days i would really recommend reading something easy-going. A book that wouldn't make you think about something serious just forget your problems for a while. I'm planning to write a post on my books recommendations. Stay tunned ;)
  5. If you're not completely exhausted, than do a workout. I always feel better after gym, but you can do some easy exercise at home. What important is just doing something.
  6. Hobby. We all have things that we love, but because of our study or work, we not always have time to do it. Well, now it's the time. 
  7. Work on your dreams. If you do things that will get you closer to your dreams, your day is saved, surely! Even visualization (which i'm a big fan of) would work in this case. Just lie comfortably and imagine your ideal future with the dreams came true.
  8. It's very good if you have a goals jar (very popular on YouTube now, by the way) or maybe a diary where you write them down. Becuase remembering your goals can inspire you to do more exiting things.
  9. Cry out. I've read somewhere a while ago, that if you are very stressed and you just need a relief, cry for exactly 4 minutes, complane yourself about the day, but after this 4 minutes stop and do anything else but thinking about the bad that happened that day. I know, it sounds weird, but i feel like we can trust psychologists :)
  10. Watch your favorite movie/TV show or YouTube videos. It's a classic, right guys? I did a blogpost that includes some of my favorite movie love stories.  And i also have a post with list of my favorite youtubers! I'm doing "my all-time favorite movies" post soon. So, once again, stay tunned;) 
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    Friends always make my day better. There's no doubts, it saves me every single time. Literally.
  11. As you can see in the picture above, i had a REALLY tough day, i even let myself drink some champagne. I'm not telling that you should drink alcohol to feel better, but sometimes you can have a glass (if you're 18, of course) to cheer up just a little bit. But only a glass, because if you have more, this day probably won't end up being good.
  12. Hepl someone. Doing good things unselfishly is such a great advice! Help a person expecting nothing to return. It will make your day just one billion times better, i promise, it works so well!
  13. Have a massage done. You can ask a friend/boyfriend/mother/sister/whoever or go to a professional, but it will help you relax anyway. Try it out if your day wasn't a good one.You also can go to a salon and have some nice beauty procedures or have a manicure done. 
  14. Tidy up your room. On mental level, when you are putting things on their places, the same process is happening in your head. So it is a perfect opportunity to think of what bothers you and find a way to solve the problem.
  15. Go shopping! There's not much to say. It's another classic advice. It works infallibly.
  16. Once a went to a party when i was in the worst mood ever, have no idea why i didn't refuse that time. I wasn't having much fun, just stood there doing nothing. Then a guy came and hugged me saying "smile". I've never seen him again, but he just made my day. I couldn't help smiling all the night long. My point is that you need someone to hug you. You can ask for it, you can do it first, but do it. You can do the same thing that guy did ( i'm too shy for that, but you can try). I am sure you will have no regrets!
  17. Try out new makeup look, arrange your own fashion show, try to put different outfits together and see how it looks. I always get very exited, if i do this. I have a post with my spring style essentials, you can check it out and get some inspiration, if you want to:)
  18. Treat yourself. Eat something that you normally don't though you want to. I love italian food, especially pizza, but it's not very good for my body. But we need to pamper ourselves on bad days. 
  19. This is a bit similar to the previous one, but still. Cook something. Cooking in general, but especially baking, always makes me feel vey satisfied and proud of myself. Which is exactly what we need on bad days.
  20. Catch up on your sleep. Sleep is one of the best cures ever. Hands down, this is my favorite thing to do:) What can i say? It works every time! 

That were all my tips on how to deal with a bad day, guys, hope you enjoyed!

Remember: It's not the end of the world, it's just a bad day and it is okay. Tomorrow will be a new day, new chance to make everything right, to be happy.

XOXO, Dasha 

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