Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why I Love Winter

I know, that winter season is almost over, but i still want to share with you my essentials + that's a good way to say goodbye to this cold, but beautiful time of the year. So here they are: my winter essentials or 7 reasons why i love winter + winter skin care!

1) Hot chocolate in a bad weather. What can be better than drinking favorite beverage and watching favorite TV show or reading a good book in a warm bed, while it's storming outside?

Winter, hot chocolate, marshmallow, cup, mug, yummy, food, cinnamon
Sherlock Holmes, A Study In Scarlet, blanket, winter, reindeer, pillows, reading, cozy
Currently i'm reading  Sherlock Holmes "A Study In Scarlet"
and my amazing reindeer blanket is from Finnland
Friends is my all-time favorite TV show ever! Who's your favorite character? As to me, i can't choose, love them all, but i'm deffinitely a mix of Rachel and Monica
2) Candles 

Candle, Vanilla, Cozy, White, Flame, Winter
IKEA Sinnling (Vanilla)
3) Dark nail colors. My favorites are:

From left to right:
1) Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Laquer (15)
2) Jeanmishel (227)
3) Jeanmishel (152) - Perfect for Christmas 
4) Comfy clothes!

sweater, cropped sweater, cozy, warm, favorites, winter
My favorite crop sweater from O'stin.
Warning: REALLY warm
Scarf, Pink. Favorites, winter
My big pale pink scarf. Have no idea where it's from, but i love it
Leg warmers, fuzzy socks, blue, cozy, warm, winter
Leg warmers and fuzzy socks. What else can make you feel THAT comfortable in the cold season?
Christmas, Winter, Red, Reindeer, Cozy, Comfy
I bought those in Finnland for Christmas. Love it so so so much, the most comfortable thing i own
Sweatshirt, Pink, Italy, Pisa, Comfy, Memory
My oversized sweatshirt from Italy trip i had this (or last?! i mean 2014) year. I don't like being cold, this thing helps me + it means a lot to me as a memory from the trip
5) The crunch of show, white city and magical snowflakes. It makes me feel like i'm In a Wonderland. Do you know that feeling? It takes me back to the best times of my childhood...

6) Christmas time, of course! The most wonderful, magical and happiest time of the year! To be honest, guys, i love winter mainly because of Christmas... Not just presents, In case you're wondering, but mostly the atmosphere. 

7) Frozen cheeks. Not frozen like i can't feel them, but when they are cold and pink. Especially, when i go into a warm place  after being cold outside.. 

 The last thing i want to talk about is my current winter skin care (= my winter essentials and favorites)

Winter Skincare, Skincare, Carmex, Winter,Lipbalm, Natura Siberica, Avon
1) Planeta Organica Siberian White Body Butter
2) Avon Care Intensive Moisture Face Cream with royal jelly
3) Carmex Soothing Lip Balm (all-time fav)
4) Sierra Bees Organic Tamanu & Tea Tree Lip Balm ( got mine on IHerb)
That's it for today's post. Hope you enjoyed it and see you soon!

P.S. Please, ignore the date on the pictures:)

XoXo, Dasha 

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