Thursday, February 12, 2015

V-Day Date, Makeup, and Outfit Ideas

Today i would like to share with you my Valentine's Day date ideas. I'm also going to show you what i would wear on dates like these and my make up. I worked really really hard on this post, so i do hope you will enjoy it!

1) Invite your Valentine to your house. If you feel like being home and not going outside, just invite your soulmate to your house. Cook a nice dinner together, it would make you even closer, for sure. While your food is cooking, you can have a pillow fight to your special song or just dance to it. Then eat the dinner in handmade tent. Turn all the lights off, apart from a flashlight. After all this you can just watch a bunch of your favorite movies or just talk.
Here's my little tent
2) Buy two train tickets to anywhere, the place doesn't matter at all. What important here is having a nice view in the window. Have a little picnic here. Just talk and you can share your headphones and listen to some music. Take a walk when your train will arrive. This something unexpected to do on Valentine's day, you wouldn't forget a date like this.

An outfit idea!
Cardigan: BeFree
Shirt: Yours
Jeans which you can't see: BeFree
3) Take a roadtrip. This idea is a bit similar to the previous one, but still not the same. This is more private and personal date. It's a weekend, go to the place you wanted for a long time, but always had excuses not to go. Take the chance! Drive all night, sing songs and enjoy spending the whole weekend together!

4) Classic date. Classic is always good. Spend the Valentine's day going to the cafe, movie, bowling or even karaoke. I think that would be so fun!

(Shirt: Reserved)
Blouse: Bershka
Skirt: Pull&Bear
Watch: Anne Klein
Movie or karaoke
(Jeans: Befree
Top: H&M
Bolero: Local store)
5) Gym date. I know it sounds wierd, but if you both like working out, then this is perfect for you! Put on boxing gloves and have fun!

6) Water park. If you're sick of cold as much as i am, take a day break and swim without limit with your boyfriend. If i had one, i would definitely make him go on that kind of date:)

7) Spa day. You won't get cold there + it's relaxing = perfect. 

8) Fancy date. I don't go very often to any concerts, clubs or expensive restarants, but Valentine's day is a perfect excuse to ask your match to spend some money on both of you.

My little black lace dress is from Love Republic
9) Get a room in a hotel. You know... there's a lot of things you can do in this room ;)

10) Winter romantic photoshoot. I've never had one, but i would really want to. It's a good memorable date idea.

Top underneath: H&M
Sweater: Mohito
Necklace: Mohito
11) Classic winter date. Just go ice skating, or skiing, or snowboarding, or sleigh riding!
Top: H&M
Sweater: O'stin
11) Back into the childhood. Wasn't it the most fun time of our lives? Just take it easy. Build a snowman, play snowballs, make angels on the snow... Then you can go to a small warm and cozy cafe and drink some hot chocolate. It sounds perfecto to me. What do you thnk?

The makeup i'm wearing: 
eyelid - maybeline color tattoo (gold pink)
cris - naked 2 (tease)
inner corner - naked 2 (bootycall)
eyeliner - essence jumbo eyeliner pen
waterline - essence eye pencil (04 white)
lower eyelid - naked 2 (blackout)

XOXO, Dasha 

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