Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wake Up Looking Good/12 Morning and Evening Tips

I have a very interesting post today! I'm going to share some of my tips on how to wake up feeling and looking better. To my opinion, these are the tips and life hacks evry girl should know! Really hope you'll enjoy ♥

Airing Room

15-20 minutes before going to bed. It's good for your skin, helps to fall asleep faster, and it's just healthy overall.

Wash Your Face Thoroughly

This step is very important. Wash all your make-up off. Otherwise you are risking to wake up with a bunch of pimples and clogged pores, which is, obviously, not pleasant at all. And never forget to moistrize your face. Though, if you feel extremly lazy, then just use make up wipes to wash your make up. You can skip moistrizing once In a while, but still, always put your eyecream on. It's just essential! 

If Your Lips Need Some Help...

Use carmex. Always use carmex before going to bed. It is the best healing lip product i have ever tried! It's just the best. My lips feels so good in the morning. 

Other Way To Use a Toothpaste

If you already have a pimple, you can put a little bit of your toothpaste on it overnight. It will  help to get rid of redness without drying out your skin. You also can do this in the mornig, but you do need to wash it off before putting make-up.

Do Not Drink Water

I know it sounds rediculous, because we always read and hear that water is our everything, we should drink as much of it as possible... And it is true, but if you drink too much before going to sleep, you will probably wake up with a swollen face and puggy eyes. And i would recommend using a mask and an eyecream in case you do have that problem. If you don't find it too uncomfortable you can sleep wearing one of the overnight masks.

Make the Right Mood In the Morning

Decorate your wall with some inspirational sayings, that would just keep you going and push you In the morning. Also make a playlist of your favorite songs that make you happy, and turn them on every morning. I always like to turn on my lights and light a candle, it just makes my day! 

Upper pic: Oh darling, let's be adventerous
Left one: Coffee make everything better
and the right one: Paris is always a good idea

If You Struggle With Falling Asleep...

Then take a bath instead of shower! It's that easy. It also would be better if you add a few drops of aroma oil. For example: sage, bergamot, rose oil, mint, lemon balm, lavender, orange... There's more, of course. Always mind contraindications and dosage. And you also can make yourself a cup of tea with lemon, if you really cannot fall asleep, but only a little bit. Remember what i said earlier about drinking liquid before bed:) 

Wake Up With a Smile On Your Face

This may sound a bit cheesy, but always remember to thank God for all the good and bad in your life. And after getting up, always smile yourself in the mirror. Even if you don't want to, you need to force yourself to do it. I promise, you will feel better after this. 

Do Some Morning Exercise

Not only it will help you to wake up, it is very, very good for your body! Even 10 minutes is good. My favorite workout qoute, that motivates me like nothing else is "The only bad workout is the one that you didn't do". I even have a picture of this on my wall. Those of you who follow me from the beginnig might have seen it on my Instagram. What i'm driving at is that you shuold do just something physical exercises!

Mind Pefect Time For Going To Bed

It is between 10 - 11 p.m. I know how hard it is to force ourselves and just go to sleep, but it is so important for a productive day! Try to do that at least on  weekdays.

Dry Shampoo

If you don't wash your hair every day, but you know that it won't really look good the next day, then use a dry shampoo. I would advice using it not in the morning, but in the evening. It just looks better. Plus it saves you some time.

Lemon Water

If you want your breath to be good before brushing teeth, then always have a huge glass or jar with a few slices of lemon in it. It freshens up your breath quickly. I find this tip very helpful, because i prefer to brush my teeth after breakfast.

That were all tips and tricks for this post, hope you liked it and found helpful. I really hope you all have an amazing morning! 

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Love you, guys 

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