Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Fashion. Style Essentials/Whishlist

Happy International Women's Day, first of all!
Second of all, here are a few of my spring style essentials and ideas. I already have some of these in my wardrobe  and some are on my whishlist. Hope you'll get some inspiration out of here!

A hat. Always makes your outfit 10 times more fashionable!

A pair of sunglasses. Because the sun finally comes out! Yay for that ;) 

Well, sun is here, but it is still not that warm outside. So you might need a beanie hat 

Bright/Nude Coat. Always looks adorable! I'd prefer have both shades, though i have neither...

Leather jacket. I love the look of burgandy ones, simply because it's my favorite color. Though i own a sand-brown one

Boots for jackets and heels for coats. Or vice versa. Follow your fashion spirit

These definately for a warmer weather, but they are gorgeous!

I feel like plaid and denim shirts were made for the fall and spring time 

Ripped jeans 

Skater skirts. These two are my perfections!

Long-sleeved floral dresses/rompers with sheer black tights

I've actually bought a similar one just yestarday!


I had to update this post, because somehow i forgot to inculde my almost number one essential! I cannot believe i forgot about high knee socks!

Here they are, my little precious :)
Thank you for visiting my blog! Really hope you enjoyed reading about my spring fashion necessities!

XOXO, Dasha ♥

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