Sunday, March 15, 2015

Perfect Makeup Brushers For Beginners

When my make up obsession only began, i was seeking for good-quality, but at the same time cheap brushes. And it took me for a long time. So, today i decided to share with you my version of perfect brushes for those of you, who only started enjoying make up. I also found some cool make-up quotes on pictures. I want to share them as well:)
I'd recommend you purchsing these two sets of ecotools make-up brushes
Ecotools, Make up brushes, Make up
Ecotools Brushes : Two sets
Quality of these brushes is amazing. I've been using it for over a year now, and i have absolutely nothing to carp about. Not saying that price is more than just satisfying.

I got mine on iHerb. I'm going to leave links to these sets down below, so you can check it out and, maybe even order one for you:)

Make up, Make up brushes, Ecotools

This is the eye set, i would add here a few other brushes, but you can just order one if yoy will need
Here's where you can order this ecotools eye brushes set:

Essence brysh, ecotools, make up, make up brushes
Ecotools Face Brushes Set
Okay, guys, i messed up a little bit with the brushes photos. I put one face brush to eye set)
So, in this face set there's another highlighting brush. 
And i also wanted to mention this essence brush for blush and bronzer. For the same reasons: price is perfect, quality is very good + it's pink! My Top 6 Essence Products

I was going to finish the post, but i realized that i didn't leave a link to this set. Here's where you can find it:

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