Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 Ways How To Explore New Music

Very exited about this post, cause i love music, sure you do too. That's why i want to share with you these ideas, you might find them helpful. Hopefully:)
  1. My first tip would be finding remixes or covers of songs you already like, or mash-ups featuring these songs. I do that all the time, sometimes I like remixes much more than original verse. I especially like doing that with old songs. 
  2. 8tracks. This is my favorite site for exploring new songs. You can search by genre, mood or basically by any word or combination of words you would type. Love it so much, very helpful!
  3. I also really like Deezer for searching new songs. You've probably seen that i had used it quite a lot in my previous posts, very convinient to share your fave music. It's a good place to find something new or find remixes/covers for loads of songs. Definately recommend!
  4. I quite enjoy using SoundCloud. I like the fact that you can listen to one song multiple amount oftimes, not just one as on 8tracks. And you also can search by genre, so it's very easy.
  5. Discovr. One word. Perfection. You can find a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g that exists in the music world. This app has all the music from iTunes, every single song. And it's very very easy and convinient to explore new music and artists. 100% a must.
That is it for the post, i know it's quite short, but i wanted to share just tried tips, that worked and still work for me. These apps help me a lot. If a had to choose pick a favorite one, i would say 8tracks, because i feel like it's not just musical site and app, but also an inspiring one

Hope you, guys, found it helpful. Thank you so much for reading!

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