Sunday, April 12, 2015

Going On a Picnic With My Family!

Are we out of the woods yet? ;)
  Okay, I know that Catholic Easter was on 5th of April, but in Russia we celebrate it today. I had a very lovely day with my family today! We went on a picnic first time this year, which is exiting itself, but what made it even better is the weather. It's middle of April and it's still pretty windy and not warm at all in Saint-Petersburg. But today the weather was amazing! It was warm, the sun was shining almost till the evening, then it rained, but it wasn't metter, the sun made me so happy! It was a true holiday to me. I really hope that you guys had an amaxing weekend as well!

  I want to share with you some of the pictures i took and my so-called outfit. "So-called" because i was wearing just jeans and a sweater, but whatever, i still wanted to share with you:)

The car is not ours, but i thought it looked so good in this wood. But the people didn't knoe i took that shot. Hope it's not illegal...

Ingor my hair, i didn't know it looked that bad:)

Yeah, me pretending to climb...
What I'm Wearing:
Sunglasses: RayBan
Sweatshirt: A randow souvenir shop in Italy
Jeans: Pull&Bear
1) Have no Idea 
2) You cannot even see

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