Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Favorite Miley Cyrus's Outfits!

Today i'm going to share with you some of my favorite looks of Miley Cyrus. This post doesn't include any of her crazy outfits since the late months of 2012, when she had her hair cut. I still love Miley, i just think that her style was better back then. Hope you will enjoy this little selection of her pictures that i had chosen

1) Hands down, this one is my favorite! The outfit is just on point! The shorts and sweater are pretty casual, but the headband and sunglasses take the whole look to another level. Love it so much!

2) I know that there's two different outfits, but Miley rocks same trends, and i love both ways she did that, so i decided to put it as one. By the way, her hair looks quite gorgeous here!

3) I looove this boho look of Miley. It's just gorgeous, reminds me of 60-70 fashion. And...did you see the back of the suit?!

4) Again, not one outfit, but three here that give pretty much the same style. I think high-waisted shirts/jeans with stripeless tops became classic. It fits Miley perfectely. 

5) Miss Cyrus rocks a lot different trends here (knee socks, comono, cardigans and jackets, crop tops, etc), but they all very casual and stylish at the same time. Well done, Miley! 

6) Another favorite of mine. This outfit is just on point!

7) I really like the way Miley styles sweaters.

8) I wish Miley wore more dresses, they look so good on her!

9) Crop tops!!!

10) Plaid shirts are my faves.

That's it, guys! I'm planning to do another Miley's style post, not the casual one, but with some fancy outfits. I'm also going to do post on Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and more! But, of course, i will do not only celebrity posts, don't worry ;) So...stay tunned for all that fun stuff!) 

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