Friday, May 8, 2015

24-hour Staying Lipstick

Hope you're having the time of your life! And not to spoil best moments, you should have a lip product that would last all day and all night long, am i right?;) Well, i got you, i've found the perfect lipstick!

This is the set of liquid lipsttick and lipbalm.
First put on lipstick and then balm, because lipstick might dry lips a little bit, but it does stay on your lips over 24 hours and dosn't leave any spots on cloths or anywhere else.
I'm not sure I would recommend wearing it on a daily basis because it soaks in lips. I can take it off only using my makeup remover.
But it is perfect for any special occasion. On the picture you can see I've chosen a dark nude shade because it matches me perfectly. But for prom you obviously can choose a bright one.
Also this would be very good for any summer pool party or vacation, because it stays on lips NO MATTER WHAT

And, of course, i swatched it for you, guysssss:)

This lipstick is in color 015 in case you're wondering:)


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