Saturday, May 9, 2015

5 Easiest Room Decors Ever

There's not much to say about these decores, except they are very very easy. 
They will just spice up your room, add some colors for the summer.
I personally love all the results so much, it looks amazing in my room and it took the smallest amount of time, money and afforts!

1. Picture Wall Decor

You will need:

What to do:
  • Pull out all the pages from the calendar
  • Cut out the pictures
  • Pin them on the wall

2. Lipstick Frame

Honestly, when i started doing it, i didn't think it would look that good! I love how it looks on my table.
Basically, what you do is just 
1) take a clear list of paper
2) put on your lipsticks in any order and "kiss" the paper to leave a print on it
3) put it in a frame and place wherever you want to

3. Favorite Sayings In a Frame

4. Globe

It might sound wierd at first, but it actually looks very nice in my room. If you have any empty spaces in your room, place a globe there!
It's not even a DIY, just an idea, that might help you

5. A Piece of art

I got mine from Italy. From Florence. Looking at it brings a lot of memories

That's it for my little roomspiratin post, hope you found it helpful!

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