Sunday, May 10, 2015

Essence Lipstick/My New Obsession

I used to wear lipsticks very rarely. I'm not sure why, but i just didn't feel like putting something on my lips. But about a week or more ago i bought this. I cannot express how i love this little thing! I carry it with me wherever i go and i literally wear it every single day!

  • I love the color so so sooo much! It is similar to the natural color of my lips, but darker and better. 
  • Surprisely, staying power is pretty good. Of course, within hours color fades, but you still can see it. 
  • Plus i love the packaging. It seems like i've spent a lot of money on that when i didn't!

Of course, i did a swatch on this lipstick

My color is 06 - Barely There

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  1. bellissimo prodotto c'è l'ho anke io e mi ci trovo davvero bene se ti va passa da me ho un blog e dimmi cosa ne pensi bacioni bella

    1. Sorry, i don't understand your language