Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Beauty and Makeup Summer Haul

I haven't been shopping for a while now, so i decided it was high time to do that. They all more or less are summer related. And, of course, i needed to share with you all i got!

1. Hair Volume Powder.

I've heard a youtuber talked about such thing, and the second i heard it, i knew i needed that. Naturally my hair is very flat, which, obviously, i don't like, so i just had to buy this thing. And actually the other day we celebrated my cousin's birthday and i tried this thing out. Would't say was very impressed, but it did give more volume to my hair and and made it seem thicker. And it actually helps my hair to stay clean for a longer time. Almost forgot to say, this particular powder is by Schwarzkopf from their line got2be. 

2. Moroccan Argan Hair Oil.

I got mine from Avon (Advance Techniques). It's a leave-in treatment for all hair types. It's suppost to nourish hair. I've heard a lot of people talked about the use of moroccan argan oil for hair, so i decided to try it, cause i've been using a lot of heat on my hair lately. I haven't used it enough to see if it works, but every time i put this in my hair, somebody tells me they shine very beautifully and asks what i used. So, definately recommend!

3. L'oreal Eyeliner. 
I bought same L'oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim for myself last Christmas and i loved it! But i like trying out new stuff, so i forgot about this one. And when i saw it was on sale i grabed it and went. Have no regrets, it is the best eyeliner i've tried so far!

4. Essence Lipliner

This is my first lipliner, actually :) I decided to buy a liner to go with the red lipstick you'll see down below. It impressed me. Quite nice quality, plus it looks amazing on it's own. I think that's how i'm going to wear the liner - without a lipstick over it.

5. Venus Compact Shaver. 
I don't know what to say...i just needed a new shaver. I've been using same one but of normal size over a year and i loved it. But it became blunt lately, so i bought a new one. Since it's summer, vacation and travelling time, i thought it would be better to buy it mini-sized. 

6. Coffee and Sugar Body Scrub

The scrub consists of organic coffee oil and cane sugar. And it's from the brand called Organic Shop.I've been wanting a scrub for quite a while. I mostly like not the result of using scrubs, but the process itself. This scrub smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I wish you could smell this with me now! The smell reminds me of Starbucks's Chocolate Frappuchino. I'm so in love with this product.

7. Hair Styling Spay. 
Same brand, same line. What it's said to do: make it easier to brush hair, help to dry it quicker and it also should work as a heat protecton. Well, i wash my hair in the mornings and blow-dry it, so this thing was exactly what i needed. But it's not that good as i thought it would be, though i really liked it ayway. What it really does: i think it protects my hair a bit, and it actually did help me to dry hair in a shorter time. Though i don't think it would work if you air-dry your hair.

8. Tangle Teezer.
I'm pretty sure everyone have heard about this hair brush, i have too, that's why i really wanted to buy one. But it's difficult to find this thing in Russia, and when i saw this in one of Avon's catalog, i literaly freaked out. I bought it and it's the best comb i've ever used in my life!

9. Essense Lipstick.
If you read my latest post then you know that essence lipstick in color Barely There has been my obsession, so i bought this lipstick in different color. And i love it even more. It's almost red on my lips, but it's more appropriate for everyday wear.

10. My First Red Lipstick Ever! 

I think it's the most exiting thing for this mini haul. I've been wanting to try a red lipstick for a while now, just wasn't sure i will find a good way to style it. But my friend and i are having a "photoshoot" soon, i thought it would be a good excuse to buy this lipstick. I've tried it already and i loved it. Smells absolutely amazing - caramel icecream (i don't even like caramel, but the smell is just on point). Staying power is also very impressing, i had to you a makeup remover to take this lipstick off. And, of course, the color is lovely

11. Planeta Organica Cooling Eye Gel.

I recently ran out of my eye cream and i decided not to repurchase it, but to try something new. And i really wanted something cooling, because that's the best thing for my eyes in the mornings. Honestly, i expected a bit different effect. To start off, it does cools my eyes, a lot, actually, it even makes them watering. I don't even know... there's nothing wrong with this gel... but if i find something better, i won't buy it again, though i like it.

That's it for my mini beauty and makeup haul, hope you enjoyed!

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