Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Favorite Lipbalms

I've tried a lot of lipbalms, i'm sure i will try even more, but for now i have 3 favorite lipbalms, that are worth sharing with you!

1) Cosmetic Vaseline. Very moistrizing, doesn't feel greasy on lips. Love the result. It it costs almost nothing! You can buy it basically anywhere. The only minus i see is the fact that i should apply it with my finger. But it's not a problem for me at all. You can use it not only on your lips, but whereever you need to.

2) Sierra Bees Lipbalm. I got mine from iherb. Ridiculously cheap for the quality! 100% natural ingridients, smells like grass to me, whick i like. Though it's said to be with organic tamanu and tea tree. Moistrizes me lips very nicely.

3) Carmex. This is just my precious! It heals my lips every time something happens with them, love it so so much! It does miostrizes lips, just not as good as the two previous products. I use it mostly for healing.

4) L'etoile Bon Appetit. it's very similar to vaseline, but you can use it only on your lips. It's a bit more sticky, but not too much. And it smells like chocolate, amazing one!

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