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My Perfume Collection ♥ What I Prefer For Each Season

I'm not a fan of expensive perfumes, i don't buy cheap ones either, i like to be in the middle:) I also have a very humble collection, but still wan to share with you, guys!) I'm also going to say which perfum i like to wear in what season, event, or even mood. I feel like scent can comeplentely change your mood and how you feel that day. 

By the way, my most wanted perfume since last summer is Channel Chance, the one that comes in a pink bottle. The smell drives me crazy, lasts over 24 hours but it's so expensive!
Okay, let's get to the main point of the post:)

Oh, forgot to say, please ingor the date on these pictures! They weren't taken that long ago, i just did something with my camera settings again but i'll fix it somehow for the next post.

That's how i keep my perfumes organized
Anna Sui: La Vie De Boheme
It smells like a bunch of flowers and berries. Plus this is the first thing i purchased one my own money, so it means a lot to me as a memory of my first job:) To me it's a perfect fall scent, though you obviously can wear it all year round. The thing i don't like about this is that at the end of a day i hardly can smell it on me. Staying power isn't that great as the smell, which i absolutely love! I want to mention, that this perfume makes me feel so cozy. Seriously, if i want to be all bundled up with my blanket but i know i can't i'll probably just put on this perfume. 

Cacharel: Amor Amor. Forbidden Kiss

My latest bargain. The fragrance is so flirty. It's perfect if you want to feel yourself 100% pretty woman. I mostly like it for spring. After long cold winter i wear dressed all the time, and this perfume suits perfectly my mood and appereance!

Lanvin: Marry Me

I don't even know how to explain the smell of my next perfume. It's sweet and fresh at the same time
Equally good for day and night time. Because of a little pepper note that it has i would say it's a winter perfume.

Avon: Little Black Dress

This one is definitely for fancy events. The name says it all. That's exactly how you would want to wear it. I can't say it's good for some exact season because it's something you would want to wear for going out. And that's one of my favorites. It cost me almost nothing but the smell is quite strong and staying power just blows my mind, it lasts longer than some of my twice or three time more expensive perfumes! And can we talk about the bottle? Simple but so elegant!

Eau De Perfume: Apple. Fresh Idea

Specification of the next perfume is literally said on it's bottle. Fresh apple scent with a little floral note to it. Definately, a summer scent to me. It's fresh and i mostly wear fresh on summer days. It was a  part of my birthday gift from a friend. I know that it's not very expensive at all, but staying power is quite imoressive.

And yes, it's my hello kitty pajamas pants reflection in the cap :)

Avon: Femme

Nice and fresh everyday perfume. I kind of can smell a cucumber. Am i weird? Not sure which season it fits best. I'd wear this for a rainy day or sonething like that. Probably not when sun's shining outside.

Avon: Love

It's perfect for girly girls out there:) Fresh, light, i would even say innocent kind of smell. I can see myself wearing this all year round, maybe excluding hot summer days.

Giorgio Armany: Acqua di Gioa

It's really popular lately, so i don't need to describe the scent. Though i smell lemon and mint. And i'm almost out of it:( And it's a winter type of perfume to me for sure.

I have a headache now because of subscribing all the scents in my 'collection'. which isn't really fun. So i'll go and try to fix the situation somehow:) 
Hope you found this post interesting to read! 

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