Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Summer Essentials

Hello guys! Summer is just around the corner, so i thought i would share with you my summer essentials, maybe you will find some inspiration for a big summer haul:)

But before we start, can we just take a moment and talk about Hilary Duff's new music video "Sparks"? I'm obsessed with it, i have it on repeat and i can't stop! First of all, it is the best music video i've ever seen in my life! Second of all, doesn't she have the most beautiful laughter? And it's quite inspiring to me. Not the laughther, but the things she was saying about doing things you wouldn't do before. And i feel like i just had a girls' night in with Hilary. Ohh, i just love the video!
Sorry if you don't like her, i just felt the need to share with you my thoughts

But now into the topic! I have a lot of summer essentials, so i decided to split them all in tree category: fashion, beauty, and makeup!
1. Fashion

This is quite an obvious one - sunglasses. Here are my favorite ones:
I'm actually not a big fan of bracelets and hair accessories, but in summertime i really get into it. Especially headbands!

2. Beauty

 2.1. Body

I don't know about you, but when it's very hot outside i don't usually feel like wearing a strong perfume, so i tend to use body mists during summer.
2.2. Hair

I talked about this volume powder in my haul post, basically it just adds some volume to your hair and makes them look thicker. Plus it dries roots a little bit, which is a good thing in summer, when you're sweating without even moving (at least i do...).
Sun shines in summer a lot (obviously), and i like my hair to shine too. So i like putting oil on the ends, so they don't dry and shine beautifuly:)

2.3. Face

1) I have two favorite masks. One for making face glowy and the second one helps to get rid of puffiness (sometimes i go to bed late in summer and regret about it next morning)
2) Sun shines brightly in the morning and wakes me up
3) And do i even need to explain why refreshing water is an essential? Face really dehydrates during hot days, so it's important to refresh it from time to time, also it feels amazing

3. Makeup

Here's what i love to put on my lips in summer:
Maybelline Baby Lips (Top Maybelline Products)
L'etoile Bon Appetit Lip Balm
Avon Lipstick

Summertime = Shimmertime

Thank you for reading, hope you liked it! Please follow me on Bloglovin' and Google+ to see new summer posts ;)

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