Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Natural Skin Care

Hello guys! Today i want to share with you my skin routine. It's pretty simple, though it really works for me. Not saying i'm comepletely satisfied with these products but i like it's all very natural

Step 1.

Natura Siberica: Cleansing Foaming Mousse. I have combine type of skin, and it does dry my skin a little bit. That's the only minus i can name, i think it would be perfect for girls with oily skin. I take my makeup off and wash my face with this mousse. I like how it works. My skin is always soft after using this.

Step 2. 

Natura Siberica: Cleansing Tonic Anti-Age. It helps me to get rid of the part of makeup that for some reasons mousse didn't washed off my face. I heard on YouTube that using tonic is very important for skin. Unfortunately, sometimes i either forget or too lazy to use it. But i try hard to fight with that:)

Step 3.

Avon Naturals: Green Olive Face Cream. Probably my favorite part of skin care! I loooove moistrizing my skin, i cannot go to bed without it. This cream is exactly what i need, it does the job and smells good:)

Step 4.

Planeta Organica: Cooling Eye Gel. If you read my summer beauty and makeup haul (watch here), you know i've  bought this gel recently and you know my first impression, as i said is a bit different from what i expected this to be, but i quite like it. My eyes need this so much, they get tired very quickly, especially when i have to wake up at 6 to college, so this is a must for me. Not this exact product, but this step - i need something to cool my eyes, otherwise it hurts.

Step 5.

Lip Balm. I have an entire post devoted to my favorite lipbalms, so not going to bore you with that again, check out the post, if you're interested. I mentioned this because lipbalm is the only step in my skin care that i never ignore, i use one all the time! (read Lip Balm post here)

That's basically it, as i said my skin care routine is very simple and natural. Hope you enjoyed reading this, maybe found some products you would like to try out, cause i definately recommend all of these.
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