Sunday, May 3, 2015

Perfect Lipstick For Spring And Summer

I know that there's only one month of spring left, but i just feel the need to share with you this lipstick i've recently discovered! Plus it also will be perfect for summer, because the color is bright and it stays on lips for quite a long time

Honestly, i did not expect the product to be THAT good when i ordered it
What i love about this avon lipstick:

  • Creamy consistency
  • Doesn't dry my lips, i'd say vice versa, it moistrize them a little bit
  • Staying power is amazing (3 hours least)
  • Smells literary like watermelon
  • Nice and compact packaging
  • Price
  • 100% spring/summer color
I swatched it for you:)

I wouldn't say the color is very true on camera, but it's close enough. And don't worry, when you apply the lipstick, this glitter is hard too see

100% recommend it to you!

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