Friday, May 15, 2015

Things I Want To Do This Summer (Summer 2015)

 I read Tanya Burr's summer post about a week ago, and her post inspired me to create my own.

So i'm sharing with you things i hope to do coming summer. Usually this plans don't happen, but i tried not to write down those that i'm unlikely to do.

Go to a theme park.
I'm 18 years old and i've never been to any entertainment park. That's emberassing!

Reread a booked i loved in childhood.
I've been planning to do this for a few summers and i still haven't managed to, but i really want to!

Buy something that would remind me of this summer.
I really miss summer in fall in winter, even though i love these seasons, but i'm a 100% a sun person, i need it, it's like my air. I cannot be completely happy if there's no sun. So i want to buy a thing that would mean to me something and remind me of summer in cold fall and winter days.

Go to a zoo.
I haven't gone to zoo for ages! When i was passing by a local zoo a few weeks ago, i wanted to go there so badly! But i had no time, and still don't. So this is my summer plan now.

Start a "One Line A Day" diary.
This idea is from Tanya's post. Surprisely, i've never heard of such thing. But Tanya talked about in her summer post and i really think it's a great idea. I used to have a tonnes of diaries back in childhood, but now i'm to lazy to keep one. So this diary would be perfect for me!

Have a movie marathon.
I did this on winter break and it was cool. I want to pick a day, stock loads of food and watch movies all day long. Preferably on a rainy one.

Start running.
I tell myself that i need to start running every single year, never even stared. Hope i won't be such a couch potato this summer :)

Film a video with my BF.
Just us going crazy, that's all i want to see on that film.

Go to the cinema on my own.
Maybe it would be a bit weird, but i think of it as of a nice experience to have. Just me and popcorn for the night, that must be fun.

Start a YouTune channel.
This one is least likely to happen, because i have no clue how to use any video editors...and it freaks me out!

Go to Italy.
It's my favorite country, i want to come bach so much, though i don't think i will be able.

Wake up early in a sunny morning.
I did that a few years ago, i woke up at 7 or 8, had my coffee and went for a stroll with camera in my hands. It felt amazing, so blessed.

Find a summer job.
Still not sure about that one. This year had been a bery tough one, i need to relax this summer and have some rest. Sorry, not some, but A LOT.

Celebrate July the 31th.
Which is Harry Potter's birthday! I love this magical story so much, i want to but or cook a cake and watch favorite parts of HP (1,3,7,8).

Concentrate on my blog even more.
I spend most of my spare time working on new posts, editing old ones and just the look of my blog in general, but i want to work on it even more, because i'm obsessed with it!

Hope you enjoyed reading my summer plans,i would LOVE to hear about yours, so please leave a comment telling me this. I love answering them so much!

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