Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's In My Bag

Hello guys, so sorry for not posting for last 4 days! I've been extremely busy preparing for my college exams, and i'm sitting all og them within 2 weeks, so sorry in advance if don't manage post every other day.

Today i found to share with you some of my bag essentials and just show you what i usually cary around with me. Firstly, i want to say that what i keep in my bag depends on a bag. I have a few that i use pretty much equally.

This one from the picture above is from a brand called Befree

That's how my bag looks inside. As you can see, i like to keep things organized. It's like my thing, i'm a Monica type of girl:)

Here's what i keep in my biggest compartment:

  1.  My pencil-case. Obviously, i don't take it with me everywhere, only when i go to college, though sometimes i take just a pen
  2. Wallet
  3. Avon sunglasses, which i'm absolutely obsessed with, i don't even wear any other ones now!
  4. My notebook. I know it looks very simple but i really like it. I carry it around to write down some ideas for my blogs
  5. I always take a small water bottle with me. This one is very light. I believe it's 0,25 ml.
  6. My "makeup" bag is from Avon. I have more non-beauty or makeup related things in the bag though.
  7. I love this umbrella. It's very beautiful and girly. It's also surprisely mot heavy at all for a bag, very compact. And it's also from Avon.
  8. A book. On the picture i have Hobbit by John Tolkien. I actually finished that already and i loved it so much. That is one of the best books i've read! Definately recommend. I always have a book with me in my bag, love reading.
  9. My study notebook. Normally, i have more than one in my bag but the day i ttok this picture we had only one subject

And that's what i have in the pockets you saw on the second picture. It's all pretty self-explenatory here:)

And in my makeup bag i have:
Essence Lipstick
A few hair ties
Bobby Pins
Maybelline Babylips in the color Cherry Me
Spare headphones
Revlon Colorstay Concealer
Two ends-colored eye pencil (Silver and black) from Avon

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed it

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